210th Fifty Shades of Grey Erotic Gift Set

The Fifty Shades of Grey Revolution

As women around the globe are reading Fifty Shades of Grey and then shopping for the erotic products used in the book, the media and bloggers alike are speculating as to why women are suddenly interested in ‘mommy porn’ and bondage.  Personally, I don’t see anything sudden about it.  Women have been reading erotica for centuries and if satin blindfolds and bondage ties weren’t already hot items there wouldn’t be so many different brands manufacturing them.  What’s been changing in recent years is women taking control of their sexuality and being more vocal about it.

As pleasure goods and erotica for women become more mainstream, and the taboo surrounding a women owning her sexuality lessens, women are  taking control of what gives them pleasure.  And with on line and brick and mortar erotic shops having evolved into more women friendly environments, they’re enjoying the freedom to shop and purchase items they’ve fantasized about, read about, desired.  And the Fifty Shades trilogy is giving them all kinds of new ideas.  And they’re talking about it.

As critics call Fifty Shades of Grey a ‘literary nightmare’ all I can say is ‘I don’t watch porn hoping to see an Oscar winner, and I don’t read erotica hoping to read a Nobel prize winner’.  It’s entirely about the ‘hotness factor’, and this book is steamy.  And if it gives a woman the desire to turn what might have become stale or routine sex she’s been having with her partner into a steamy, hot, light bondage session, then yay!  If all the talk and openness about the trilogy is inspiring women to take control of their pleasure and read or shop for things that turn them on, they yay again!

So we want to know……have you read Fifty Shades of Grey or are you planning to?  (or planning not to) If you’ve read it, did you enjoy it?  Did it give you any new ideas or thoughts or inspire you to try something new?  Bought any whips lately? 🙂

210th Shades Erotic Gift Set

The 210th Shades Erotic Gift Set