Cascade….the world’s first self lubricating vibrators.

Say hello to the world’s first self lubricating vibrators, the Cascade Flow, Ripple, and Wave.  And these vibes are truly amazing!  So amazing that once you use one, you’ll probably never use any other vibrator again.

Each of these beauties come with the innovative Lube Play Technology, meaning you pop in a cartridge of lube (which lasts for 30 uses by the way) press the button, and your vibe releases the perfect amount of lube and you’re set to play.

Cascade with Lube Cartridge

Why didn’t someone think of this before?  We’ve been having to stop, search the nightstand, grab what we hope is the right lube for the toy we’re using, squeeze or pump the bottle into our hands, spread it on, then play.  With the Cascade, just press the button and your vibe is lubed for you.  Need more lube in the midst of playing?  Press the button again and voila!  More lube on your vibe.  It truly doesn’t get any easier than that.

The Lube Play Technology in the Cascade products is wonderful thing but these vibes are also beautiful, powerful (9 vibration settings) rechargeable (USB charger cable and hub are included) and come nicely packaged.  What more could a girl ask for?

Cascade Ripple            Cascade Flow          Cascade Wave         Cascade Lube Cartridges

Cascade Ripple                      Cascade Flow                   Cascade Wave        Replacement Cartridges