It’s National Orgasm Day! Have you had yours?

Don’t you just love days like this?  An excuse to have an orgasm!  Not that we should need one, but with everyone’s lives being so damned hectic it’s our sex lives that are often the first things to suffer.  We’re dealing with deadlines and long hours at work, commutes, raising children, running errands like groceries and banking, carpooling the kids to their various activities, house cleaning, yard work, looking after ageing parents, cooking, financial pressures, job insecurities and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a gazillion other things that go on in our day.  So is it any wonder that when we turn off the lights and crawl into bed all we want to do is sleep?  And if you’re a woman like me, you don’t even get to do that.  The dreaded ‘lists’ invade your sleep time, reminding you of all the things you do NOT want to forget to do tomorrow.   Foreplay? Orgasm?  Maybe I can pencil that in tomorrow????  So here’s me, telling you……JUST DO IT!!!  (and definitely do it more than once a year!)

And just in case you need a little inspiration or something to get you in the mood to have a little fun, we’ve put together a list of some very helpful items (wink, wink) and a few suggestions on how to use them.   And of course, if you can send the kids to grandma’s for the night, by all means, do so!   So what are you doing on this National Orgasm Day??

Get in the mood

Lube, Lube, Lube

Try Something New

Don't forget him!

Luna Beads

Razzle vs Fifty Shades of Grey

British men are ‘Fifty Shades of Mortified’

While most people are tired of hearing about everything ‘Fifty Shades’ (including myself) I ran across an article in the Telegraph  this weekend that made my blood boil (and gave me a good laugh once my blood cooled).

Written by William Sitwell, the entire article is about how men are negatively affected by Fifty Shades of Grey and  by women who have the audacity to read it in ‘public’ with the covers showing.  He quotes colleagues and friends thoughts on the book with comments including:

 “A slow dread crept over me – and a large degree of embarrassment.”

“I was on the Tube this morning and couldn’t help but notice that the woman sitting next to me was reading a book on her Kindle. I couldn’t help but notice it because the text was enormous, and it was filthy.”

He then goes on to say:

You see, we men are embarrassed, mortified, squirming, enraged, even, at what’s going on. How would you mummy-porn addicts feel if I hopped on the bus brandishing a copy of Big Ones or Razzle or Knave (or whatever these magazines are called, because, honestly, I wouldn’t know)

And then he asks why women’s porn is acceptable and men’s isn’t .  He cautions men not to read it because they’ll be confused and dismayed unless they’re men who have everything Christian Grey has. He concludes by telling men that if they want to ‘subtly’ get their women to stop reading the book they should invite their mothers over……unless of course their mothers are reading said book.

So here’s my thoughts for all men, British or otherwise, who are embarrassed, mortified, squirming……

  1. If you’re nosy and rude enough to be looking over my shoulder and reading whatever it is I’m reading, you deserve what you get.
  2. If you see no difference between
                                               this                                              and this
Razzle vs Fifty Shades of Grey

          well….there’s no help for you I’m afraid.  Go ahead and take your copy of Razzle on the bus with           you.  Seriously, I’d love to see that.

       3.  While you’ve been falling asleep in front of the television for years, we’ve been reading the likes of Harold Robbins, Erica Jong and Sandra Brown.

4.   If you’re confused and dismayed by a character you encounter in an erotic fiction book, how do you live with yourself after watching a porn flick when you realize you aren’t  ‘joe stud’?  (And don’t even try and tell me you’ve never watched one)

5.  What’s in it for men??  Are you kidding me?  What’s in it for women while you’re perusing Razzle???

Here’s the thing.  The internet has created a sexual revolution.  Women have access to porn, toys, forums, media and social networking.  They can shop for pleasure goods both online and in brick and mortar stores that are no longer the tacky, cheesy, neon-lit back alley enterprises catering to men.  They can read and share with other women around the world and get answers to their questions, share their stories, laugh, cry and get excited about trying something new.  They’re learning about themselves, their bodies, what gives them pleasure.  Women around the world are taking control of their sexuality, and it’s about damn time.

What’s in it for men?  When your wife/girlfriend/lover comes home one day after reading something erotic with a shopping bag full of goodies and she can’t wait to get you into bed to try something new with you….well…….you tell me….what’s in for you?