Where has the year gone?

Wow, I have no idea how it happened but the year just flew by, and I completely ignored this blog.  My resolution this approaching new year?  To use this blog!

It really has been an exciting, eventful, wonderful and sometimes exhausting year.  I thought maybe it would be best to update the happenings throughout 2011 before just jumping in and trying to post something meaningful.  It really wouldn’t be meaningful if no one had a clue to what I was referring to in the future  now would it?

Earlier this year we were thrilled to be listed by Hewson Group’s ‘Women Sex & Shopping’ as one of the top 10 retailers in the pleasure goods sector.  Women Sex and Shopping contends that:

the Women’s Pleasure Goods sector needs re-invention and a move away from an unsuitable aesthetic and merchandising.

Boutique d’Amour began out of frustration with the lack of pleasure goods sites that were appealing to women over 40 and carried a good selection of high quality products without the high end pricing.  We knew we were on the right track when Women Sex & Shopping deemed us:

a website that is part of the future and not the past.

Our vision is to keep moving forward into the future and to continue to add quality products in all areas of what women consider to be ‘Pleasure Goods’.

In keeping with this ‘moving forward’ ideal we wanted to add a line of jewelry that wasn’t just erotic, but also artistically beautiful.  We found this with Sylvie Monthule, a Paris designer who creates some of the most beautiful and erotic jewelry available today.  Handcrafted pieces cast with 18 carat gold or sterling silver and inset with precious stones, we felt these were a perfect addition to Boutique d’Amour.

Sylvie Monthule Erotic Jewelry

Another exciting addition to our product line this fall was 210th.  Beautiful gift boxes filled with erotic luxuries and a little envelope of cards with ‘assignments’, a signature massage oil, Experience, that smells heavenly and is elegantly bottled in glass, we just had to have these in our store.

And really, we couldn’t leave the men out.  While Boutique d’Amour does focus primarily on products for women, men are important as well aren’t they?  We love our men to look good and feel good and well,  a happy man is just a lot more pleasant to be around.  So when Velv’Or released the JCobra we just had to have it.  The JCobra is the most stunningly beautiful piece of erotic artwork made for men.  This bespoke piece cannot be defined as either jewelry or a penis ring.  It is a gorgeous combination which combines both elegance and pleasure for him and pleasure for her with it’s strategically placed pearl.

Velv'Or JCobraIf you’re looking to buy yourself or your lover that perfect Christmas gift we are currently offering a FREE JNaja with the purchase of a JCobra, a FREE bottle of 210th Experience with the purchase of any of the 210th Boxes, $10 off the purchase of a JNaja, and 10% off nearly everything else when you use code CHRISTMAS01 until December 31st.


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